Entrepreneurship & Crowdfunding

Entrepreneurship is one of the oldest forms of business and has stimulated economies, rebuilt countries and revolutionized industries. One of the biggest hurdles facing entrepreneurs has been the access to capital and while there have been periods in history when this access was readily available, never before has there been the opportunity that exist today.

With the advent of crowdfunding, entrepreneurs will have access to capital for their dreams, ideas and businesses. The new generation of entrepreneur is technologically savvy and utilizing the internet to build and grow their businesses. This generation was born with a phone in their hands and has been using apps from the time they ordered their first pizza. For them, the opportunity to raise funds, as well as invest in ideas and businesses, will be like second nature.

Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding is changing the way we do business. In a sense, every person can be an entrepreneur of his or her own personal brand and services. And each entrepreneur is part of a network (the crowd) of individuals that make up an effort or movement. Individuals will have the choice to be part of the crowd or to utilize the crowd to build and grow their enterprises.


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