How successfully do you use your time?


Business Insider recently republished an article originally published in The Daily Muse ( original article on The Daily Muse. Copyright 2015.)  It made us think about how we spend our time – since we all have the same time in a day. Is what we do helping us succeed?

How successful are you – really?

The author, M. Suzanne Gelb really hit the key points – points we practice in Treps Nest: Commit fully and focus on the task at hand avoiding interruptions or multitasking, associate with successful and high achievers and avoid those people who cannot really offer you any insights. And of course, learn to control your emotions.

Are you a high achieve and what do you do to get more done? Let us know your tips and tricks. Do you do the things she mentions in her article? Have you been more successful for practicing these element?



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