Success Is Only A Heartbeat Away

Dr. Joel Kahn tackled his entrepreneurial goals the same way he did throughout his life that resulted in him being first in his class and graduating with honors from the medical school at the University of Michigan. He used the same focus, habits and beliefs to catapult to the top of the medical field of cardiology; the same attention that has made him a successful entrepreneur in the medical profession.

To be first in your class comes from not just being bright, it comes from discipline, determination and desire, especially in as difficult a field as Medicine. Dr. Kahn’s desire not just to succeed, but to the very best possible, better than any other, has catapulted him to more success than he even thought possible.

Besides practicing intervening cardiology for 25 years, he is also a speaker, author of two bestselling books, The Whole Heart Solution and Dead Execs Don’t Get Bonuses. He is also the author of numerous medical papers. His drive to succeed and get his own message out to the world can help any struggling entrepreneur.

Dr. Kahn will be the guest this week on The Trep Talk podcast. We hope you will listen and clue in on how you can be number one in your industry!

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