IP Resources for Entrepreneurs

Dealing with professional services, including legal can be a necessary evil. While you need it, you do not always have the resources to deal with it and usually you deal with it out of necessity.

Well, we did some research and spent some time with our friends over at the USPTO to find out a little bit more about what types of resources are available for entrepreneurs and found some really great information that can definitely assist you the next time you are looking for some IP Legal assistance on a budget.

So here are 5 great tips for resources the USPTO has available for entrepreneurs:

  1. Patent Process Overview
  2. Trademark Process Overview
  3. Inventors and Entrepreneurs Resources
  4. Free IP Legal Representation
  5. Patent and Trademark Resources Centers (PTRCs)

The next time you are wanting to protect your IP, instead of avoiding it like your next dentist appointment, check out these resources to assist you in your efforts.

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