It’s Not About Being Right

Christina York Image.qfmxxgRJ

Christina York’s personal philosophy is ‘it’s not about being right, it’s about understanding.’ Christina tried to understand how Augmented Reality could fit into daily life and by being open, found a practical use for turning a book’s page into an interactive surface – they focus on pediatric children’s hospitals.

Her company, Al Tality’s, created Spellbound, a mobile application that turns a book page into an interactive surface and for kids that spells adventure. Pediatric hospitals have a unique need for something that would distract the child patient while undergoing a procedure, keep them engaged, keep them learning and with Spellbound they turn a hospital room into a 3-D adventure for the child!

Find out the obstacles industry pioneer and founder Christina York faced and how they were overcome by, this week on The Trep Talk.

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