The Real Risk is Doing Nothing


Everyone has something to motivate them to keep trying, keep moving forward. To successful entrepreneur Chris J. Snook, that motivator was his wife and anyone who ever bet on him to be a winner! Chris has a real approach to being an entrepreneur; the glitz and glamour took years to get to – years to be successful. He believed part of his success was his willingness to push through when wanting to give up. He surrounded himself with people who believed in him and would love him no matter what!

When he wanted to quit, he kept going, changing his role models as he mastered their lessons and looked for more, newer things to learn. To Chris, getting to a point in his life where a the end of the day, and the early morning, he could honestly look in the mirror and ask himself would he trade his life with anyone else – even role models – and answer ‘no,’ was his measure of success.

Co-founder of Ethology and the Launch Haus, Chris has a background filled with mentoring, coaching, being a ‘venture catalyst’ and is currently working on a new fund to help young entrepreneurs. His realistic approach to being an entrepreneur – knowing it takes persistence, courage, hard work and focus is discussed this week on The Trep Talk podcast. His down to Earth style and advice is one any entrepreneur can benefit from hearing – so don’t miss it!

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