From Space to Landfills

Samantha Snabes image

Samantha Snabes, co founder of, a human scale 3D printer company believes the future is printing from waste.  No not human waste, but the tons of plastic that ends up in our landfills year after year.

With the company’s Gigabot printer now in 41 countries, funded from one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns today, and a with staff of around 21, Samantha has her eyes on constant improvement and sustainability – supporting her customers and improving the materials used. That’s where the recycling of plastics comes in. She admits it is forward thinking and they aren’t there yet, but it doesn’t stop her from having the vision.

Samantha started thinking big with space, when in a Young Astronaut Program with mentors encouraging her in Math and Science. After working at NASA, Johnson Space Center and starting her own ventures, she has learned over time that success can be measured in many ways.

Samantha is the guest interviewee on The Trep Talk this week. Come and hear her definition of success, her vision of the future and how her start at the puller of teeth moved her interests into space, technology and a love for solutions.

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