The 4 Employee Personality Types & How To Approach Them

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If you’re using the same cookie cutter approach to motivate every team member in your office, it might be time to break up your efforts based on employee personality types.

Align to Thrive, a leading organizational culture assessment company, shared in a recent article that employee personality types can generally be broken down into four major categories. The article was based on findings from the company’s IC-8 Cultural Assessment and interviews with thousands of employees.

Align to Thrive found that employee personality types can generally be broken down into the four major categories listed below. You can find the full Employee Personality Types article here, which lists what different employee types look for during an interview, attributes they feature and the key adjectives to describe each group.


Driven by a need for significance, these individuals are internally motivated and have an internal drive that pushes them to be the best. They are also internally focused; when faced with a decision they will first think “what is the best decision for me.” Not that they don’t think of others, but of all the employee personality types, Superstars are the most concerned with themselves.

Team Builders

Team builders are driven by the need to grow. These individuals are internally motivated like the “superstars” but they are externally focused. When faced with a decision, they will first think what is the best decision for the greater good.


Connectors are driven by their relationships and fostering others’ connections. These individuals are externally motivated and externally focused. They seek certainty from outside themselves and focus on helping others in return.


Guardians want to feel good about themselves. These individuals are externally motivated and internally focused. They want certainty from the outside world and are focused on what’s best for them.

Sure, no two employees are ever the exact same, but many individuals share common motivations and preferences when it comes to their work. By recognizing the major personality types that your employees fall under, it becomes easier to understand what inspires and drives individual employees to perform.

Looking for more resources on company culture and leadership? Check out Align to Thrive’s article on Employee Personality Types in full here, or if you’re looking for a comprehensive evaluation of your company’s existing culture, check out the IC-8 Cultural Assessment here.

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