Dressed for the Game

Steve & Lee Image

Looking spot-on professional is easy for most of us, it just takes the right hair cut, polished shoes, the right shirt or blouse and the right suit.

Not so for Steve Fisher and Lee Moffie, co-founders of State & Liberty Clothing Company in Ann Arbor. Both are athletes, playing in different sports, but facing some of the same problems. They didn’t think it was too much to ask to look professional and have clothing that actually fit!

These two entrepreneurs took the less traveled path of opportunity and opened a store that caters to the athletic build. They used the skills taught in sports in their business; life long lessons from sports of teamwork, leadership and entrepreneurialism. They sell dress shirts made for the athlete that are professional, modern looking dress shirts. And online no less – the one place no one can pick a shirt and try it on before buying!

That didn’t stop them! Find out their definition of success and how struggles actually helped them: The Trep Talk.

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