Are You Hiring the Right Employee For Your Culture?

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Most hiring managers have seen it before: a top employee resigns with little notice, sending your company into an immediate hiring frenzy.

Acting abruptly and quickly hiring a replacement may fill the workload void without interruption, but impulse hires can have negative long-term effects. A recent article from Align to Thrive, a cultural assessment company, found that rather than rushing to fill the position, taking time to ensure you’re hiring the right employee will boost your bottom line, strengthen company culture and cut down on long-term hiring costs.

While most interviews revolve around qualifications and responsibilities, it’s also important to consider the cultural implications of a new hire. If your interviews aren’t covering personality, work behaviors and company values, it may be time to reevaluate your approach.

Ask All The Right Questions

When a company is hiring, there are some basic steps that almost all hiring managers go through. Those are:

1. Determine the Job Description

2. List Specific Responsibilities

3. Determine the Qualifications Required

4. Set a Compensation Range

5. Advertise Internally and/or Externally for the Position

6. Create Interview Questions

While laying out the information above is essential, many companies forget to ask some of the most important questions. Consider these:

1. What is the company’s culture?

2. What type of person will fit into that culture?

3. What type of person will work well with the existing team?

4. What attributes does the candidate need to be successful?

5. How do we attract this person?

These ideas are often never discussed during the hiring process, yet they are some of the most important questions to ask. Without considering a candidate’s impact on company culture and whether they will work well with existing employees, it is impossible to determine whether a candidate will be a long-term fit for your company.

You can find more insights from Align to Thrive on hiring the right employee for your culture here, or check out Align to Thrive’s IC-8 Cultural Assessment to get a comprehensive read on your existing company culture.

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