Momentum — How To Become Unstoppable



By: Charlie Winn from Paradigm 5

You know it when you see it. – in fact, you can feel it.  Whether it’s an electrifying run from your favorite sports team, the charisma of a powerful public speech, or when Gandalf shows up at Helms Deep in “Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers” you can feel it happening right in front of you.  I’m talking about momentum; one of the most powerful forces on planet and one that – if I had to guess, you probably aren’t using to your full advantage.

I would imagine that most people have experienced momentum in their lives at some point.  We’ve all had those days when it feels like nothing can go wrong and the ease at which we accomplish tasks is amazingly fun.  However, the most exciting thing about momentum is that you have the power to create it on a daily basis for yourself and for your business.  So how is that possible?

The word momentum literally describes the strength or force of motion that allows something to continue to grow stronger or faster over time.  It happens all around us and it is the reason behind the commonly used phrase, “when it rains it pours.”  Using this power to your advantage starts with understanding what it takes to begin moving yourself, your team, and your business in a certain direction.

Step 1: Choose A Direction

There are a lot of helpful frameworks for goal setting out there.  It doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as you have an organized and rational reasoning behind achieving those goals.  The best part about momentum is that the nitty-gritty details actually become less and less relevant as you turn into an unstoppable force.  Once you reach this level then goal setting becomes a lot more fun.

Step 2: Do Something You Can Destroy

Breaking down an overall goal or vision into small, bite-size chunks is the best way to get started.  This is also referred to as crystallizing your goals.  The point is to identify the first step you need to take towards the direction you want to head, a mini-goal.  Go ahead and make it easy on yourself and then absolutely crush that mini-goal with everything you have!  For example, if you are a salesperson then just make five phone calls in the next hour.  That’s not a big deal at all!  Then you should celebrate your accomplishment briefly and move onto the next one. This small burst of achievement will help you to build confidence, and thus momentum overall.

Step 3: Be Enthusiastic 

Enthusiasm is a major component of momentum because, as human beings, we are emotional creatures.  When you plan to do something, no matter how small or easy a task may be, you should get pumped up when you do it.  Your level of enthusiasm should match your personality. You don’t have to go absolutely nuts just because someone else does – be true to your style and how you express enthusiasm.  You know how you are when you are in a good mood so get yourself there!  If you lead a team then this is incredibly important because enthusiasm is contagious.  If you start celebrating mini wins and get intense about the next step, your team will follow you.

Step 4: Don’t Hide From “The Wall”

At some point during this process you will hit obstacles that test your resolve and commitment to staying focused..  I call this “the wall” because it will emotionally and mentally feel like there is no way around.  Know that the wall is coming and don’t hide from it.  Stare it down and run right through it with no regard for whatever wants to hold you back.  The moment that you blast through the wall is when you really start to gain momentum.

Step 5: Ride The Wave

At this point you have completed a series of tasks over a certain timeframe, you have built and maintained a healthy level of enthusiasm, and you have persevered through challenges to keep moving forward.  You are now riding a wave of momentum that has the potential to carry you wherever you want to go.  This is the fun part –  you begin to feel the satisfaction of working hard towards something.  However, DON’T LET UP!  – Many people make the mistake of letting off the gas and coasting in at this point. Even if you could coast and get to where you want to go, you are still going to miss out on the potential of what could happen with continued momentum.  Ride the wave by taking your enthusiasm and intensity to the next level and leaving absolutely no doubt that you will succeed..

These five steps can be applied to literally anything that you want to do in life-  business, relationships, health, sports – you name it.  If you aren’t harnessing the power of momentum then you aren’t having as much fun as you should be.  Get started immediately and there is no possible way you won’t be better tomorrow than you are today.

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