Growth Hacking For Marketing Optimization


Digital marketing. What is it really? It’s an umbrella term for a lot of things, but mainly is the use of marketing on the Internet, mobile phones and other digital mediums. Using the tools available in the right way is tough to figure out, but that’s what Wilbert Fobbs from Treps Digital does all day long.

Fobbs suggests growth hacking for any new or small business. Fobbs suggest you look at your business and try to grow it like an artist. If you don’t know how to use it to grow your business, Fobbs, a digital marketing expert, talks about the different ways to grow your business using different platforms and what to be aware of when creating your digital marketing plan.

Listen to The Trep Talk. Hear what he’s learned about digital marketing and entrepreneurship, and how the right plan can help you growth hack your business.

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