TechStars – Jake Moskowitz of Voyhoy and Greta Cutulenco of Acerta Alert

Bill_Ford_VisitAs promised, here are two more interviews with TechStar innovators Jake Moskowitz of Voyhoy and Greta Cutulenco of Acerta. We know you’ll get a lot out of the interviews on The Trep Talk.

Jake Moskowitz Interview:
The idea of Voyhoy came from a problem the CEO and Founder had himself: not being able to get from Point A to Point B easily while living in Chile. This multimodal booking platform will assist users in comparing and purchasing ferry, bus, airline and even ride sharing tickets with ease. Before this platform, to get anywhere in Chile was a rollercoaster ride, similar to entrepreneurship. He used those highs to keep him motivated through the lows.

Greta Cutulenco Interview:
Car troubles are the worst, but one woman out of Toronto has a solution for car troubles. Her company Acerta does an analysis of vehicle data to detect malfunctions and predict when something is going to go wrong. This product fits customers needs and was created by a team that works extremely well together—two things that Greta uses to define success for herself.

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