A Palatable Way To Digest a Patent


If you are an inventor, an entrepreneur or small business with a tight budget for your legal services, this show is full of great information and resources you can use – today! The United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has been open for 227 years and has been open within the nations capital or within eye sight of the nations capital, but 5 years ago they opened an office in Detroit right on the Riverwalk. Lawyers are expensive, especially if you’re a startup, but educating yourself by utilizing the resources that the USPTO offers can save you some money. The Detroit USPTO office can help with everything on a more personalized scale, with the exception of actually filing a patent.

Dr. Christal Sheppard, Director of Midwest Regional Office of the USPTO sat down with The Trep Talk podcast to talk about how entrepreneurs can benefit from the USPTO. Not only can they help with nomenclature, and how to do a search, but they also have workshops called Trademark Tuesdays and Patent Wednesdays that anyone can come down to and learn from.

Before you go to a lawyer, educate yourself at the USPTO; and before you go to the USPTO, learn all about what it can offer you on The Trep Talk.


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