Identity of a Successful Entrepreneur at OUInc.


Join us September 13th at OUInc. for a great presentation at the Oakland University Incubator.

You will lean how to develop and leverage unlimited capability and resources to grow your business exponentially in less than 2 years!

You will go through the process of developing and aligning outcome-focused habits, beliefs, and actions with exponential growth and success

You will define and gather the references needed in the various roles you play in your business

You will build the mindset and habits to overcome the most common obstacles that lead to failure for entrepreneurs!

You will learn why the odds are against entrepreneurs and small businesses and what to do to protect yourself
-99% of entrepreneurs get rejected by Angels and VCs
-93% of small businesses get rejected by lending institutions
-90% of businesses fail in the first 5 years

Learn how to develop an identity rooted in vision, belief, resilience, and tenacity as you prepare for any set-backs that are inevitable in growing a business
-90% of people believe that entrepreneurialism is a mindset and identity that you either have or you don’t

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