TechStars: Lyden Foust of Spatial, Numaan Akram of Rally


Michael had the great opportunity recently to visit TechStars facility in Detroit and spoke innovators Lyden Foust founder of Spatial and Numaan Akram founder of Rally.

Lyden Foust Interview:
Founder of Spatial, technology that geotags data to visualize socially vibrant areas created this so people can visually see what’s happening at places near by. Foust, wanting to make an impact on the world with his platform and entrepreneurship skills lives by the words, “If it is a good thing then do it if it is not a good thing, then do not do that thing.”

Numaan Akram Interview:
Crowd-powered travel is exactly why Numaan Akram founder of Rally started this business. The bus industry is so easily accessible, but people don’t take advantage of it. This ultimate ride-share experience was created by someone who has entreprepreneurship in his blood, and wanted to follow in his parents footsteps.


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