Don’t Miss Your Connection!

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How many times have you thought, ‘if I could just get in to see X, I know they’ll fall in love with our Y’? Too many times probably. It’s those missed connections that you try and try to get and can’t seem to break through that are frustrating.

Well, not anymore! Stu Heinecke, a Wall Street Journal Cartoonist, nominee to the Marketing Hall of Fame the best selling author of How To Get A Meeting With Anyone, can show you the way to break through and connect with the critical people for your business. Stu interviewed top sales bloggers and sales people to find out their secrets to include in his book. He realized that what they were doing is what he coined ‘Contact Marketing.’

Contact Marketing is the micro-focus on just the people who can make the biggest difference to your company within any given organization. This micro-focused approach removes the obstacles if you can get your first contact person, usually the executive assistance, excited and interested enough in you to put you through to the right person. To do this, he suggests you develop a VIP Statement about yourself.

Listen to The Trep Talk this week and find out more about the book, the methods, examples of Contact Marketing and the VIP Statement.

He is also introducing a just launched program with the National Association of Sales Professionals that takes his book to the next level ( This is a definite MUST LISTEN!

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