Switch Vehicles

joshua-denne-imageEveryone fails, but it’s not everyday an entrepreneur is so open about failing to the tune of a million dollars!

Joshua Denne went through difficult personal times when he failed at his business, the second failure for him. But the lessons learned are ones all entrepreneurs will value. One huge lesson was to understand that the vehicle that you choose today for your success might not be the vehicle that gets you where you want to go, but you’ll meet people along the way that will get you there.

This week, Joshua is the guest on The Trep Talk. He is very open about the challenges he faced when his business failed and left him millions in debt. And he is adamant that it is not what you get, in terms of possessions; it’s who you become in the process.

Listen to The Trep Talk to learn how Joshua kept positive and borrowed on the beauty of tomorrow to pay for today.

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