Money ≠ Happiness

jesse-henry-awesome-e1473882269411TEDx speaker, Jesse Henry, founder of The Theory of Success should know what constitutes success and for him, it’s not necessarily money. It starts by understanding what drives you, personally. Observation is key. Recognizing that every situation, good or bad, holds opportunity. It’s all in your perspective, how you look at the world; focusing on solutions or focusing on problems.

It’s also about focusing not so much on the DOING but on the BEING. He notes that successful people have the ability to change the beliefs they hold if they no longer serve them or the future they envision. Accountability is another key to success; not playing the complainer or blamer victim when things don’t work out.

Jesse talks about his Theory of Success – Perspective, Strategy and Execution. These pillars have helped him succeed, but it all depends on your definition of success!

Jesse Henry is the guest this week on The Trep Talk. You won’t want to miss this enlightening and engrossing interview!

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