Global Interest for High Impact Detroit & Michigan Entrepreneurs!

antonio-luck-of-endeavor_detroit_img_2939-fav-2-e1466437160639-300x300The entrepreneurial eco system we refer to in our blogs, articles, podcasts and social media posts is a real, thriving community of like-minded individuals focused on success in Michigan and in Detroit. This community has caught the eye of a global organization that focuses on high-impact entrepreneurs, and giving back to the entrepreneurial eco systems throughout the world. We are fortunate this week that Managing Director of, Antonio Lück, is the guest interviewee on The Trep Talk.

Detroit is only the second city Endeavor has entered in the United States to give unparalleled access to its entrepreneurs. Antonio is very open about what he sees as the biggest obstacle for many entrepreneurs and outlines the selection process for being accepted to Selection is no easy feat, but the first step is an easy one – apply online at their site. If they are interested they will meet with the entrepreneur to see if it is a fit. Remember, they are looking for high-impact businesses that are willing and able to give back to other entrepreneurs when they are successful.

Once accepted, the entrepreneur is given access to resources such as Capital, through investor’s unbiased advice, connecting with their investor network and their own Endeavor Catalyst fund. Access also includes access to Talent and mentors throughout the world.

If you are looking for help getting to the next stage and are a high impact entrepreneur, you will not want to miss the show this week on The Trep Talk.

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