To Go Where An Entrepreneur Has Never Gone Before

martin-zwillingThis week The Trep Talk podcast guest is Martin Zwilling, a three-time author dedicated to helping fellow entrepreneurs to be successful. And Martin is no stranger to success; he started in Silicon Valley and saw Bill Gates’ Microsoft grow based on the strength of its leadership. The same characteristics Bill Gates demonstrated are the same ones Martin looks for – leadership yes, but also execution. A company looking for funding that can demonstrate traction is one he will look at closely.

Martin has been an entrepreneur and an Angel investor and prides himself on his mentoring of other entrepreneurs. Helping other entrepreneurs be successful prompted him to write three books on the subject, and invest his own money into ventures he deems fit the criteria of success.

So while the title of this post may seem like Martin wants entrepreneurs to travel to space, the Angel Investor is really looking for that leap of learning where an entrepreneur ends up someplace they never that they could go. And in that leap they will find success.

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