The 104-Year-Old Role Model

laura-st-johnMany of us have role models; most are successful entrepreneurs, world leaders, or others who have influenced our lives. Laura St. John’s role model is her future self!

That’s right, her 104-year-old self. She can easily be that woman, reflecting on her life asking the questions from that vantage point – what did I do? Am I happy with the impact I’ve made and the choices I made; the actions I took? She can become that woman older self and feel happiness looking back.

It is that unique and different perspective that helps Laura look at things especially challenges, just a little different than other people. Her toughest challenge was when she lost a multi million-dollar deal that she was so set on closing; she’d envisioned what its impact would have on her life. She could have closed her company, laid off employees, but instead, she regrouped and in that pivot, she found another way – the way she now feels her company was meant to grow and expand.

Learning to rely on herself for success was a huge lesson and one she brings to every venture she undertakes. Incorporating a mixture of success and achievement while keeping on her life’s mission, equates to success for her. As co- founder of, Laura once again combines a winning formula, this time of fitness, nutrition and mindset. Laura is this week’s guest on The Trep Talk. Don’t miss this insightful interview with lessons you can apply today to your business.

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