Improving the Narrative

stephen-lohtonen-imageStephen Lehtonen, Engagement Partner at Growthink, believes that to get funded, besides having clarity around you are doing, is to get feedback and ‘improve the narrative.’ With an improved narrative the financial model becomes more real, more credible to the market – and investors. Stephen is the guest this week on The Trep Talk and offers the secret to entrepreneurial success.

Growthink has helped over 500,000 people innovate their businesses, so they know success, what will work and what won’t – for companies looking to grow to the next generation. They provide structure for an entrepreneur, and that structure is developed based on the unique nature of the idea or business – one size does not fit all. By providing a structure, having a system in place, and building out a decision tree, they help the entrepreneur map where they are going and how to get there. They also act as that impartial third party that will see the areas that need work, will push back and ask the tough questions, just like an investor would. Often that independent viewpoint is more valuable than the structure.

The company also offers entrepreneurs cost-effective DIY tools to help them get started, like a business plan. They also understand the importance of measurement – if you can’t measure it, is it really growth? It’s that extra touch, having a dashboard to measure your results, knowing the different business sectors – and how to launch into each one – as well as ideas so new, there is no ‘sector’ yet – that makes them a great resource. They’ve done it all and have seen it all. That’s why this interview is so important for entrepreneurs to listen to; the real secret to success is revealed. Don’t miss it!



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