Legacy Challenge

JeffHoffmanJeff Hoffman is a very successful entrepreneur. He co-founded Priceline.com and has been involved with a number of other successful entities. In his interview on The Trep Talk this week, he shares what being investable means to him and like many investors and entrepreneurs before him, it has to do with execution. He also says part of his success is time – knowing when to quit. He’s able to listen to the world, the data, and if it says it isn’t working, he cuts his losses early.

Jeff has shared his advice and coaches businesses in his book, with David Finkel, Scale: Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back.

If you wonder how he’s ever been able to accomplish so much in so many different industries, he does have a simple formula he uses that has proven successful across the spectrum.

His vision, insight and common sense advice is well worth listening to, yet, it may be his legacy challenge that you’ll find most intriguing. After listening to his interview on The Trep Talk, how would you answer the legacy challenge?


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