Joe Apfelbaum imageJoe Apfelbaum has built a business that had a growth rate of 12,000% and a spot on INC. 500 within 4 years. This is a man who has lived the dream of many entrepreneurs, and he has the lessons ready to relate for any willing to listen.

His advice is given out freely on this week’s The Trep Talk.

For instance, he believes in hiring people smarter than you and paying them more than you, because they will help you make money and grown your business. He also believes a shift in language can and does shape your future.

Point in fact, he attributes his success at public speaking by changing his mindset from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I must’. This change enabled him to present to 10,000 companies for Google, freed him from a lifelong fear of public speaking and helped open many doors for him. He moved from fear of speaking publically to having the courage to face that fear and anything else that came his way.

Be sure to listen to The Trep Talk this week and find out what other great advice Joe offers the struggling and just starting entrepreneur!


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