eliot_wagonheim2Lawyer, CEO, speaker and strategist, Eliot Wagonheim is the guest this week on The Trep Talk. Eliot also developed the FARsighted philosophy that he applies to his legal work as well as when helping businesses. FARsighed is Fire, Aim, Ready. Looking far ahead to the story at the end of the process helps to understand what to do, the steps, to get to the end story.

Knowing the outcome desired can help a leader reverse engineer the steps so they will inevitably accomplish the desired outcome. The FARsighted philosophy can be applied to constructing a business, constructing an experience, constructing an onboarding process, entering into a contract, and even securing funding.

Understanding what the investor wants, what questions they may ask, how much money is desired, knowing how it will be spent is also part of the process to be investible, and FARsighted can be applied. He believes being investible is being consistently passionate about what the entrepreneur has to offer to the world as well as who the entrepreneur is as a leader. Being consistently passionate is not always easy, especially when things get tough, and they will get tough, is a key to success.

Eliot is our guest this week on The Trep Talk and offers additional insight that can help any entrepreneur in any industry. Be sure to listen!


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