Gila Kurtz imageGila Kurtz is the co-founder of, a seven-figure, award-winning lifestyle brand for dog lovers, as well as a #1 best-selling Amazon author, and this week’s guest on The Trep Talk.

One of the pieces of advice Gila would give her younger self when just starting her business is to schedule time for herself. If you cannot schedule time for yourself you cannot give to your business or yourself. Your cup will be drained with nothing left. Good advice for anyone starting out. Her other two pieces of advice – get out there faster and hire a rock star sales team from the get go – could apply to any entrepreneur trying to get their product to market.

With her success, hindsight, and insight, you would think that Gila would define her success by the upcoming 10-year anniversary of the company and the tremendous revenues, but she doesn’t. Rather, her definition is more about impacting people around her and the world. That includes enhancing her employees so when, of if, they leave, they are a better person for having worked for the company both in personal and professional growth.

Success to Gila is about freedom to pursue learning, networking, and being in an environment that lifts her up. Don’t miss this week’s interview to learn more about how Gila overcame the obstacle of not knowing her industry – manufacturing – to turn her idea into a seven-figure success story while redefining what success means.


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