The Triple Win Situation

Shayna Olivera_imageBuilding an online business, not knowing what she didn’t know, Shayna Oliveria founded, a business that sells online courses and eBooks teaching English as a Second Language.

It wasn’t always an easy road to travel. Shayna evolved by teaching herself what she didn’t know – web development, creating a sales page, how to deliver an online course. The alternative to success was to return to being an overworked, underpaid classroom teacher that would not get her on the path she wanted for her life. She realized that while it was difficult in the beginning, she would eventually figure it out.

And she did. Today she’s built up her site to 600,000 plus visits/month through content marketing. She built a relationship with her audience so they know, like and trust her enough to buy her products. But her real definition of success is a win-win-win situation; a good product that is a win for her customers, a win for her employees, her team and contractors with a place where they enjoy working, and a win for her as the founder. She is able to live the lifestyle she wants.

Her passion now, besides offering 13 different courses and eBooks, is to help online entrepreneurs who are struggling to grow and ramp their business. As this week’s guest on The Trep Talk, Shayna shares some actionable advice that can easily apply to any business. You’ll enjoy this insightful interview. Don’t miss it!

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