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Jesse Gross2Love your job but perhaps it’s uninspiring? Perhaps you are daydreaming about the places you’d like to travel to, or you keep having the feeling your life is passing you by? Well, maybe we’ve found an answer for you – and your boss!

Remote Year, a start-up recently funded by Highland Capital Partners, has taken the remote worker concept to the next level – it’s taken it global. That’s right, you keep your job, you just travel for a year with 75 other like-minded, travel lovers, who are also working remotely. It’s a different way to show up at the office.

Remote Year is a 12-month program, one starting every month that takes participants to 12 different cities – one per month. But that doesn’t mean you lounge on the beach, the concept is that you work at your job and do the traveling. It is hard, very hard, but well worth the effort.

The traveler is responsible for their own work, but Remote Year does put together all the logistics and they have people in every city that can assist with anything needed to get the work done – including researching networking events!

Jesse Gross, the Head of Partnership at Remote Year is this week’s guest on The Trep Talk. He stresses that the program, though it sounds romantic, is not for everyone. It is not for those who relish routine and enjoy the repeat restaurant, television shows, and scheduled life. But it is for the person who would like to push outside of their comfort zone; who wants to grow personally and professionally. Without the distraction of the water cooler, a time clock work schedule, and something inspirational to look forward to, the Remote Year worker actually becomes more productive and inspired.

There is a 3-step process to getting accepted into the program; the first step is to apply online at their website, And if you think an employer will be less than enthusiastic, Remote Year has a team to help to develop a business case with real world statistics to back up the productivity to an employer. The company has close to 1,000 travelers at this point and is adding more programs monthly.

Stay on top of what’s possibly a new business benefit or perk by listening to The Trep Talk – before you pack your bags!

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