Not a Simple Life


Millennials aspire to be entrepreneurs. It’s sexy. It’s a status symbol. It’s simple, right?

Many don’t realize the work and commitment involved to be successful. It’s not enough to have the attitude and mindset; it requires a set of skills that can be taught.

Neil Kane understands what these young people need. In his role as Michigan State University’s (MSU) first ever Director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship, he’s putting together programs to teach the skills needed to augment the natural hustle and attitude of entrepreneurs.

The anchor point of the program is the cross-campus Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This Minor will assist entrepreneurs to be successful, no matter their major. Under his direction, MSU also offers the resources students need to try, fail and to get up again, all within the University entrepreneurial and innovative culture. These resources include an academic basis as the foundation and physical spaces such as an incubator for students on campus and a small VC fund. They also have connections with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem starting with the Lansing Tech Innovation center and co-working space.

As the guest on this week’s The Trep Talk, Neil also reiterates what he knows investors are looking for before funding any idea or company. He is clear on what it takes to Be Investable. He also has great advice for his younger self. To Neil, success is finding a business that he could get to be very successful that would be cash flowing as opposed to chasing after the unicorn idea.

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